Definitions and specifications of milled rice



Broken kernels:  Kernels of rice which are less than three-fourths of whole kernels.(valid in EU & USA & MERCOSUR)

Brown rice: Whole or broken kernels of rice from which the hulls have been removed.

Chalky kernels: Whole or broken kernels of rice which are one-half or more chalky.

The following different classes in all origins and they are based on the percentage of whole kernels, and types of rice:

  • Long Grain (USA/EU)
  • Milled grade no.1 or Grade A,
  • White Milled Rice meets the following General EU & USA criteria:
  • Less than 1 kernel in 500 grams of paddy or damaged Kernel ( in USA )
  • Less than 1 % paddy kernel ( in EU )
  • Less than 3% red rice and damaged kernels. ( in USA )
  • Less than 1% chalky kernels ( both USA and EU )
  • Less than 5% broken kernels. ( 4 % mx in USA )
  • Less than 1% other types milled Rice
  • Less than 0,5 Red stricken Kernel ( In EU )
  • Shall be white or creamy ( Kett Colour min 41` )
  • Shall be well milled or very well milled




The two large family in rice world are Japonica Rice and Indica Rice . The main identification system is via the ratio between Length and thickness of the milled grain


Japonica Long Grain Milled  

Length:                       mm 5,4        

Thickness:                  mm 3    Ratio: L/T = 1,8                        

Amylase content:       16,76 (Japonica European variety)


Indica  Long Grain Milled    

Length:                       mm 7,61        

Thickness:                  mm 2,62 Ratio : L/T =2,62                  

Amylase content:       26,47 (Indica European variety)



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