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  - Management of Trading and shipping departments/subsidiaries trading exposures financial control 

  - International clearing & Barter transactions

  - Documentary credits supervision, insurance, certificates, silos in port situation, barges.

  - EEC system export premium /import taxes handling Origin and destination: EEC, Vietnam,

     China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, USA, Canada, Cuba, Guyana,

     Ivory Coast, Philippines,  Australia, South America, East/West Africa, Europe, USA, China, Russia.

  - Marketing and Distribution Management in Europe, West Africa, South America.

  - Management of corporate farming- Africa

  - Experience in milling facilities & wheat/flour and paddy into white rice.


CONTINENTAL GRAINS                                                                                                                        Geneva   

Trader Grain Division - Responsible of East and West Africa & Med

Wheat, Rice –Wheat Flour, Barter Coffee, Management joint with Italian Rice Millers


RICHCO DENREES (Richco Group Zug -Switzerland)                                                                      Paris         Grain/ Rice Division Director          

Creation and responsibility of facilities in Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, Uruguay,  .

Department turnover >1.2 Mio  Mt /year . Subsidiaries set-up in Ivory Coast, Senegal –Mercosur 


EURAFRIQUE                                                                                                     Ivory Coast, Senegal, Monaco

Director – Rice, Sugar, Wheat Import–Export and Distribution.             

Group involved in 2 Sugar and rice plantations in West Africa (14’000 employees), 25.000 hectares land under production. 1 sugar mills. 2 Wheat Milling operations.

Distribution in West Africa. Supervised  Senegal and Ivory Coast operations

Products traded: Rice , EU Wheat, Sugar,  Wheat flour.


MARC RICH Group                                                                                                                   London - Geneva

Manager Grain Rice Division - Set-up of trading and shipping department.

Managing facilities in Argentina (2 Mills), Peru, Ivory Coast, Senegal , Vietnam. Turnover >200  Mio USD. Yearly contracts  with Cuba for cereals against non refined sugar, North Africa –Algeria-

Peru-Pakistan-Mercosur –West Africa. Products  traded: Rice, Wheat, Wheat flour

Nadine Rius


GALAXY GROUP Trading                                                                                                                   Monaco           Trade Finance Officer : crude oil, products, metals, physical transactions, swaps and

“Futures” transactions. Set-up of Swaps procedures & control. Documentary Letters of credit.


SUCCAROZ  Trading   - São Paulo –                                                                 Brazil-Uruguay-Argentina       

Manager – Company set-up in Brazil; preparation of budgets, implementation of Business strategy, financial set-up, trading exposure control, risk analysis, in charge of Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil suppliers/bankers, Decex, structuring forwarding agents contracts, customs, warehouses, railway governmental entities in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.


SASEA  Commodities trading                                                                                    Bahrain, Geneva, Paris       Operations/Administration Manager Paris/Geneva 

Responsible of bank credit lines extension,  administration, Banks. Cash flows, follow up of transactions, Documentary Letters of Credit. Turnover> 300 Mio USD). Volume> 300’000MT/month.


GULF INTERNATIONAL - MARCOTRADE Commodities Trading -                                       Geneva               Trader/Trade Finance Officer/Project Manager

Trading Rotterdam physical petroleum products & futures «ROEFFEX», «IPE» London

Responsible for financing “physicals” through Irrevocable Letters of credit & “futures”(margins calls).


OXBOW CORPORATION                                                             London, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles     

Trade Finance Officer  petroleum products. Set up bank & brokers credit lines (physical/futures) Financial follow up, Documentary Letters of credit, in charge of banks/brokers’ liaison.                                                     

GATOIL    Commodities Trading                                                                                                        Geneva             Trade Finance Officer: Documentary Letters of Credits,negotiation with customers, Government entities, local and foreign banks. Financial coordination between worldwide offices.


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